Ryan Wijayaratne / Vol.4

Ryan Wijayaratne is an Australian born Sri Lankan actor, photographer and self taught artist. Having spent one year at the University of New South Wales’ College of Fine Arts majoring in Photography and minoring in print making and sculpture he became disillusioned with life in Australia and subsequently moved to New York City to accept a scholarship to the New York Film Academy Drama Program. Not long after the completion of his study, he became the General Manager of the Con Artist Collective, a Lower East Side based arts collective and gallery. Currently residing in Sri Lanka, Ryan serves as Creative Director of Jonathans, a 90 year family owned photography studio, Managing Director of You’re My Favorite, a creative agency and Creative Director of WTF, a Sri Lanka centric travel column and co-organiser of the Colombo Design market. He is currently working on a photo project, where he plans to shoot one roll of film per day for 365 days for no apparent reason besides just committing to it.

Check out Ryan’s work here and watch his PechaKucha Night Colombo Volume 4 presentation here.






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