Alain Parizeau / Vol.3

Alain Parizeau is a small Canadian with a big beard. He is an educator, designer, artist and storyteller ~ most of his stories are true.

In 1998, Parizeau studied Multimedia at André-Grasset College- Montreal. Parizeau worked at MakeMedia and developed interactive learning tools for John Wiley & Sons before he started his undergraduate studies in graphic design at York/Sheridan University In 2000. After completing his degree, Parizeau was hired at Dialogue38 under the eccentric architect Bennet Lo.

In 2006 summer, while driving across Canada and the US, Parizeau and his artist friend Adam Hilborn came up with Parishil art and design boutique studio. Here, Parizeau created installations for restaurants and retail shops, designed merchandise for performers like Bedouin Sound Class and The Pocket Dwellers, and showed his art in exhibitions around Toronto. Eventually, he started designing identities, and his identity work for Slinky Music and Donut Factory Recording Studio was published in Coupe Magazine’s 2006 International Advertising Review. In 2008, Parizeau, was commissioned by Yatastar, to art direct Red Bull and RBMA special events/concerts in Toronto and Calgary. Around the same time, George Brown College School of Design invited Parizeau to mentor senior design students where he discovered how much he enjoyed teaching, and started to teach part time at the school. In 2008, Parizeau, opened The Barbershop Gallery, featuring local and emerging artists. The studio and gallery were dismantled in 2010 when Parizeau accepted the invitation to lead the graphic design department at the Academy of Design (AOD) in Sri Lanka.

Parizeau is currently leading the graphic design education at AOD where he teaches branding, editorial design, and visual communication. In 2011, he started painting murals in and around Colombo city under the artistic alias Simon Blackfoot.

Slide03 Slide10 Slide16 Slide18Check out his work here and his presentation from PechaKucha Colombo / Volume 3 here.



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