Gayan Prageeth / Vol.2

The technique and attention to detail with which Gayan Prageeth paints and finishes his canvases place him in an increasingly growing movement of exceptional young contemporaries. Prageeth’s series of work consists of paintings on canvas depicting surreal landscapes, inspired by his own introspection and his religious surroundings. In 2009 Prageeth graduated from the University of Visual and Performing Arts and was selected to participate in various group shows. It was his work shown at the annual Kala Pola art market, that brought him to his first solo show at Paradise Road Galleries in 2010. Prageeth continues to teach art locally and is preparing for his next solo exhibition.

GAYAN PRAGEETH 57.5cm x 86.5cm, Acrylicl on canvas, 30cmx30cm (unframed) GAYAN PRAGEETH, 2010, Change of Tension III, Acrylic on Canvas, 61cm x 61cm GAYAN PRAGEETH, 2011, Desolate Landscape, Acrylic on Canvas, 100cmx100cm GAYAN PRAGEETH, 2012, Stay in the Sky II, Charcoal on Board, 68cmx48cm GAYAN PRAGEETH, 2013, Black Clouds III, Mixed Media on Canvas, 40cmx40cm GAYAN PRAGEETH, 2013, Desire II, Acrylic on Canvas, 92cmx92cm


Featured image by J. Weerasekera.
All other images courtesy the Saskia Fernando Gallery.


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