Deneth / Vol.1

Deneth is a clothing brand from Kurunegala, Sri Lanka, gone global.

Behind Denth is Deneth Piumakshi and her crew, doing wonders with Cheetta cloths, a widely used yet underestimated material in the local market, overlooked often as the epitome of bad taste. Deneth clothes have been astute enough to use flat and bright colours as well as flowery motifs of Cheetta, the hallmark of these cloths, in a whole new context for the first time: designerwear inspired by both Eastern and Western masters. This original mix of naïve art motifs and Yves-Saint-Laurent-like* sophistication, has already seduced not only the catwalks in Sri Lanka’s capital, but also in Paris, Spain, New Delhi…

* The 2013 collection ‘Kurunegala Rive-Gauche’ is inspired by the works of the great French fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent.

© 2013 Janaka Samarakoon for

01-anithra-blue 04-anithra-floral1 08-ravi-pants 09-anithra-shorts-small 36 mg_3470-copie


Featured image by Ima Hassen.
All others by Sandun de Silva.


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